Neues Rheinisches Kammerorchester Köln

In 1957 was founded the "old" Rheinisches Kammerorchester Köln. In 1993, the ensemble reformed with the aim of continuing the tradition of its predecessor and at the same time to develop a new type of orchestra. The variety of casting allows a repertoire from the early Baroque to the modern era, whereby for the musicians of the NRKO, who play on modern instruments, the performance with the historical practice has become a matter of course. The NRKO works today without a principal conductor, but Project Managers as Peter Matzka, Peter Rundel, Jürgen Kussmaul and Ariadne Daskalakis.

As part of the Cologne Music Triennale in 1997, the NRKO performed music of the 20th century. In many projects, the ensemble proved its versatility, such as in the festival MusikKino with live music to films by Ernst Lubitsch, in the Cologne Christmas concert with arrangements by Rob Pronk and - together with the jazz musicians Frank Gratkowski and Dieter Manderscheid - in one Approaching Bach's Musical Offering.
    For many years, the NRKO organizes its own concerts under the title "Begegnungen" at various venues in Cologne, including the Basilica of St. Aposteln and the Trinitatiskirche.